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Generations of Craftsmanship

We have been proudly serving the southeast Michigan community with premium furniture restoration services since 1991. We offer free pickup and delivery for pianos, specializing in pianos and other woodwork such as furniture, architectural pieces, and large-scale corporate furniture. This includes installed-pieces such as banisters, doors, window frames, or desks, provided that they can be safely removed.  We offer a full list of standard services such as stripping, finishing, repair, veneering, and more!



Over the years we've refined our expertise when it comes to restoring pianos. Our goal is to get each piano into excellent playing condition, regardless of which century they were built in.



Trust our attention to detail and superior customer service to make your furniture look as good as new.  Our wide range of services and our skilled team of craftsmen and technicians have the experience and expertise to complete any project to your complete satisfaction.


Corporate Services

We have served commercial businesses, educational institutions and houses of worship for a number of years.  We have experience disassembling, moving, and treating large items.  If necessary, we can come to your boardroom and restore that table!



Wooden pieces that are built into the architecture of your home, such as garage doors, banisters, desks, stairs, floorboards, or patios are not impossible to restore!  We do our best to accommodate you and your schedule to restore these valuable pieces.  


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It's easy!  Take some measurements and some pictures, send us an email, and we can get this process started for you!  Your item will be revived, restored, and reloved!