Architectural Restoration


wooden architecture is too good to ignore

There are few things we appreciate more than seeing wood expertly ingrained in the flow and complexion of a home or building.  Like all other items, time takes its toll and cosmetic damage or worse begin to show.  Littlefield & Sons offer architectural restoration services to those items that can't be brought into our shop, such as staircases, banisters, garage doors, wall-mounted desks, kitchen tables, flooring, and more.

Turn back time for your furniture or change a look with a new color.  We are your full service furniture restoration destination and we specialize in reviving these items that may have passed from generation to generation within your home or building.


just because it can't leave your house doesn't mean it can't be restored.  

We make house calls and do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.  We treat your home like its ours and we won't leave until we see the smile on your face that comes from a beautifully restored piece of your home.