Piano Consultation



Restoring a piano is a beautiful process for us. We enjoy every minute of it, from consultation to final delivery back into your home, we strive to make it as rewarding and painless as possible for our clients.  

In making a piano restoration decision, we understand that the sentimental value of your piano is often a higher priority than the monetary value, especially if the piano is tied to your family's history.  After a thorough inspection and evaluation of your instrument, we can advise you of restorative options, costs, and even potential sell-on value after the work is completed.

Our certified piano experts have decades of experience between them, specializing in restoring Steinway, Bechstein, Bösendorfer, and Baldwin pianos, as well as many other brands.  

Our process ensures that we guide you through what we will be doing to restore and refinish your cherished piano.  We provide a detailed and comprehensive estimate and keep you up to date on the ongoing process.  After confirming these final necessities, we sort out pickup and delivery details by accommodating your schedule as best as possible.  


Every Piano is different, so we treat each like it's our first and our last.  

Wondering how much it will cost to restore your prized piano to its former glory?  Speak with one of our experts and we will get you an estimate ASAP.