Piano Transport


Professional transport to ease your mind

Just the idea of moving your piano out of your school, church, office building, or home can be a headache.  That's why we offer free pickup and delivery for your piano after completion of the restoration process.  We will work with your schedule and accommodate your calendar.

Upon pickup your piano is carefully inspected and photographed in our restoration studio before storing.

Restoring a piano to us is like watching something grow up before our eyes.  In a short time, we get attached to each piano like it's our own.  So when we let it go back to it's rightful home, we make sure that each move is planned with caution and your piano in mind.  We will get it back home safe and sound, wherever that may be!  Please be sure to take a look at our Wood Care page to get the most out of your refinished piano! 


WE've spent weeks on single piano projects and we come to care for them like they're ours.

No need to stress over getting your piano to our shop. Our professionals ensure that pickup and delivery is completely painless.