Piano Restoration



Expert piano repair, reconditioning, and restoration procedures can extend the life of your piano.  We take care to comprehend the needs and preferences of our clients and tailor our restorative processes and decisions to their needs.  To be honest, we tend to enjoy and appreciate piano restoration more than any other type of project. 

At Littlefield & Sons, we believe that a fine instrument such as a piano can in some cases be restored to better-than-new condition.  Some piano projects require a complete overhaul in which no piece of the piano is untouched, whereas some only require refinishing of the cabinetry or refurbishing the belly.  Although every piano is unique and therefore each restoration is unique, below is a general overview of the process that each project follows.

  1. Disassembly - The piano has to be taken apart and every single piece will be studied minutely to check for problem areas.
  2. Stripping, sanding, and refinishing - The bridges and soundboard need to be sanded and refinished, while most of the outward-facing items such as the furniture parts, bench, and cabinetry will be stripped, sanded, and refinished. They key covering can be either restored and refinished, or just replaced entirely and color-matched with the piano.  
  3. Finishing -  We finish with original color or new color of your choice, applying over 20 coats of lacquer to provide the shine and durability that a fine instrument deserves.  
  4. Inspection - We inspect the underlever tray, tightening where necessary and checking the felt bushings along the damper guide rail. We will rebush the action parts as needed before reinstalling the cast iron plate.  
  5. Reassembly - All cabinetry hardware is replaced after being buffed, cleaned, and reinspected through our quality assurance process. 

Your restored and refinished piano comes with the same warranties that accompany the finish, and our restoration services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that our loyal clients swear by.  


loving craftsmanship and time-tested expertise have shaped our culture since 1991.

Every piano has been through a different experience to bring it to it's current state.  Littlefield & Sons love the challenge of turning back the wheels of time to restore pianos to their artistic zenith.